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June 21, 2021

Wednesday, June 23rd: The Family Foundation Northern Virginia Reception

Such a moving reception with this gracious and courageous gentleman, Walt Heyer. Some memorable quotes from the event:

…My grandma put me in a purple dress at age four and began affirming how cute I looked. She told me it was our little secret. What we need to understand is, the second you place a young boy in opposite gender attire, and begin to affirm him, you’re abusing him. It’s psychological and emotional abuse. And it can become sexual abuse…

…Every young child who is being encouraged to cross-dress and take on a different identity is being emotionally and psychologically abused. We need to call it what it is. To punctuate that: I’m 80 years old. I’ve been talking about this for 76 years. Do you think that’s not harmful? When do you get over it? I want people to understand that it needs to stop. This is reckless…

…What’s instructive for us is this point: without the purple dress, I wouldn’t have begun to question who I was. I wouldn’t have thought there was something wrong with me as a boy. I wouldn’t have been hit with a hardwood floor plank [by my dad]; and I wouldn’t have been sexually molested [by my uncle]. By this time, I was 8-9 years old. What does a 9-year-old boy do with all this information? I began to think I would be better off as a girl…

…But hormones and surgery only changed my outward appearance…There is not a single transgender person on earth because no procedure can change your gender…My wife and I started a website called sexchangeregret.com. I have over 9,000 emails in my inbox from people asking for help…

…In recent conversations with parents and four girls dealing with gender confusion, I asked, ‘Why do you want to destroy who you really are? That is all that this procedure can do. You can only destroy the person.’ Within a day for one, a week for another, and two weeks for the other two, all four desisted because they hadn’t thought about the cost…

…I see the faces of the girls within a year of taking testosterone, and they are permanently damaged; permanently. The idea that this is reversible; please understand, it’s not. They contact me at 32 years old, 40 years old, wanting help. Their voices totally changed; fully bearded. This is horrific, and we’re playing with this like it is some little kid game. Fill them with hormones, change their gender, cut off their breasts. It’s barbaric.

…I’m still puzzled as to why the gender clinics hand out hormones like snickers. The idea that they talk to them before they give them hormones; forget it, they don’t. The information comes after they contact me and say they regret it, and they’re open to my asking them, ‘How did you get here?’

…We are going to ruin an entire generation of children. I mean destroy them. They are not going to be able to procreate children. They won’t have the genitalia to do it. They’ll be so badly damaged psychologically and emotionally that, if they had children, they wouldn’t be able to care for them. We are at a critical time in this country’s history. And Marxism is right in the middle. They want to destroy the church. If we can erase men and women, we can erase the foundation of the church…I’m here to raise your awareness as I do around the world.

Way forward. Quietly, without the TV on, ask a person with gender confusion:

1) What has caused you to not like who you are?
2) Where have you gotten the idea that you can change your biological gender?
3) Why do you think you would be better off if you were a different gender?

Tomorrow’s reception with Walt Heyer is timely. As the Biden administration prepares to force taxpayers to fund genital mutilation (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/gop-slam-biden-admin-tax-funds-gender-transition-surgery-veterans), a brave soul speaks up: No amount of surgery or therapy can change biology. As a Christian, I cannot pay taxes to fund abortions, genital mutilations, or any number of elective, harmful procedures. MLK, Jr. set an example for peaceful, conscientious objectors. We’ve reached that point again. We’ve reached the point where compassionate adults must speak up and pick up the pieces of heartbroken mothers, families, and dysphoric individuals—each created beautifully in God’s image. What sane society bars tobacco from minors but issues puberty blockers to children? If elected, I will sensibly steward our tax dollars towards public safety, parent choice in education, robust cyber security, et al. I will hold the line on big government overreach and strengthen small businesses and our economy. I will protect women’s sports from men. I will guard the bedrocks of society—faith, family, and freedom—and conserve the very institutions and individuals who act in compassion and love (e.g., Care Net PRCs, churches, 501(c)(3)s, et al.). I will uphold and defend our constitutional freedoms and responsibilities.

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