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I want our children to receive the best education. Education starts in the home. Parents are responsible for raising their children to be upstanding citizens. When parents, teachers, and schools are on the same page, these responsibilities are bolstered.

From personal experience, I know homeschools, co-ops, public and private schools can each be effective in teaching children. Regardless of the venue, parents need to know where, what, and how their children are taught. Parents should further be aware of how their children are behaving or misbehaving at school. This awareness starts with a healthy parent/child relationship and is aided by a healthy parent/teacher relationship.

I support policies that give parents options and freedom to decide where their children are taught. Parents who take on the enormous responsibility of homeschooling should be offered financial incentives. As taxpayers, they should have equal opportunity to put their kids in extracurricular activities (The same goes for parents and teachers who invest in special needs children: their labors of love should be fully supported alongside public school venues.). The goal is for all children to pass standardized tests that lead to college and beyond.

The best teachers want to teach and protect our children. They are not controlled by teachers unions or COVID but are eager to get back to the classroom and teach the truth. We must fight against the deception of Critical Race Theory and the revisionist history of the 1619 Project. For these and other reasons, I stand firmly for parent choice.

Lastly, parents need to know their children are safe in vulnerable situations at school. In bathrooms and locker rooms, for example, children have a right to privacy.

As your delegate, I will work to ensure the safety and excellent education of our schoolchildren.

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Virginia Delegate for District 51