Business Policy Statement


I am pro-business and pro-worker. A worker deserves his wages and a person reaps what she sows. If a person is willing to work hard, the United States remains the most business-friendly nation in the world.
Business-friendly policies cannot be taken for granted. They can be mismanaged. Predatory governments can shake the foundation of freedom on which workers and businesses flourish.
In unfree societies, people often believe they need to cheat or cut corners to succeed. Corruption becomes the norm. Citizens do not have ready recourse to titles and deeds. Even when they think they are good to go, the government can step in to take a piece of their pie.
When I think of business, I think of a robust economy. A robust economy is sustained by property rights and a secure environment for mutually beneficial transactions. In a free society, there is almost always a legal and resourceful way to not take no for an answer.
In free societies, governments protect people instead of preying upon them. Effective governments enforce laws that allow hiring and firing based on merit. Effective governments do not raise taxes year after year but set an example of fiscal responsibility. They earn the trust of their constituents and facilitate entry for entrepreneurs.
As a teenager, my first job was as a beekeeper. I read a sign that said, “You can make a lot of money selling honey.” Sure enough, it was true. I bought bee hives and partnered with a senior beekeeper to collect honey harvests throughout the year. For five years, I learned the intricacies of the apiculture business.
If the senior beekeeper had been required to pay me $15 an hour, he could not have hired me. As it was, we were free to forge a mutually beneficial agreement. I gained from his experience and equipment; he gained from my youthful energy.
If small business owners are forced to pay higher wages, they will simply hire fewer employees. If you are not hired, your minimum wage is $0. A free market economy—not a federally-mandated minimum wage—fosters the best environment for mutually beneficial transactions.
I support small business owners and a free market economy. As your delegate, I will work hard to ensure employers and employees have a firm foundation on which to grow their business.

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Virginia Delegate for District 51